Trullo Siamese

Firmly built on a rock jutting from the ground is one of the oldest constructions.

It is original in its double shape, and surrounded by a buttress, with foundations made from boulders. The interior is fitted with low fireplace and has no window.

It has two statements, one for each Trullo, along two different paths.

Its shape is linked to the story of two brothers who lived in common. They fell in love, without knowing it, of the same girl who, despite having pledged allegiance to his older brother, she fell in love with the younger brother, living together became untenable.

The older brother, making use of the right of first parenthood, drove the two lovers. The other claimed his share of the house that was so torn between the two. He opened another door to his home on the back of the trullo itself and which faces onto another street.

It’s a typical evidence of transition from love to hate.

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