The Red House

The Red House is a large two-floors building with about 30 rooms of different sizes, it is located in the district of Albero della Croce, five kilometers south-west of the inhabited area on the way to Mottola and near the border with Noci, immersed in a rich and varied Mediterranean vegetation with a view of rare beauty.

For the first forty years of the twentieth century, the Red House was prominent place for agricultural training politics of younger generations and, as such, the Ministries of Agriculture and the National Education was involved.

As of July 1940, due to the civil mobilization following the entry into the war, the building was abandoned and used by the Interior Ministry to start the longest-serving Italian police concentration camp.

According to the fascist authorities, the Red House was very suitable to this new use because it was isolated, easily controllable and far from the fronts of military operations.

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