Minor Basilica of Saints Cosma and Damiano

The Minor Basilica of Saints Cosma and Damiano, in the central Piazza Curri, has the neoclassical facade, with sculptures made of ductile local limestone carved and worked, and mullioned windows.
It is accessed by two sets of staircases through the Portale delle Beatitudini, a bronze work of 1975 by the master Adolfo Rollo whose panels are reminiscent of the Christian life according to the Gospel.
The frame of the vault is supported by two smooth columns with composite-style capitals.
On the lunette of the portal, Rollo has created a scene of Jesus Crucified among the Virgin Mary, St. John, St. Peter and Paul and the Saints Cosma and Damiano.
Between the two overlapping cells towers, one with a watch and the other with a sundial, there are two stone statues of Saints Peter and Paul.
At the entrance of the shrine – on the right – there is a bust of Pope Paul II.

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