Alberobello is a small town of just over 11,000 inhabitants, 55 km from Bari and 45 km from Taranto. It is one of the best known images of Apulia in the world.

In a unique landscape in Italy, it is the only country in the world born and grew up as a country of trulli. Trulli are buildings consisting of a cylinder topped by a cone, with the distinction of being built purely in dry stone, without the use of mortar or other connecting materials. The blocks of stone are crudely worked and placed one on the other and the conical roof structure is composed of small gray limestone slabs.

Since December 1996, the Rione Monti and Aia Piccola, Trullo Sovrano, Casa d'Amore and Casa Pezzolla, have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Trulli da Sogno allows you to visit these wonders as they are only a few steps away.